BrandedOffers is known to be one of the market leaders in developing Disruptive Direct to Consumer Products that consumers buy on and offline.

We thrive in finding the next ”BIG THING” and leveraging our vast experience in product development, manufacturing, technology, media and customer service to bring quality products that can become lifestyle brands.


Founded in 2011, Brandedoffers was created on the notion that it all starts with an idea and that idea and a great team can develop anything we put our minds to. Creating our leading team of experienced online veterans combining 20 to 30 years each in the media, marketing, direct to consumer, infomercial, internet and technology space, has allowed Brand Ventures to bring some of the most incredible brands to market.

We focus on building owned and operated sites that provide maximum yield while driving high volume sales through all online and omni channels in market. We focus on bringing value to the consumer experience by creating quality products that solve everyday problems that can sustain long-term growth.


As a full stack technology, media, marketing and product company, we have focused on building our own brands for the past few years. We have learned all the ups, downs and mistakes a team could make in creating and building large-scale brands, while managing all areas required to create brands and service our customers. This has allowed us to continue the success of launching new brands quickly and at a profitable scale.

Direct To Consumer Products

By building the best online brands and properties, we use every piece of data as the basis for designing an effective, ROI-Driven Online campaign.

Consumer Content

We manage in real-time the success of all of our campaigns by utilizing in house automated technology and human knowledge. In doing so, we have developed a best of breed optimization system for increased success.

Direct Response Marketing

Effective strategy comes down to effectively understanding what the customers wants, desires and needs, and then deciphering the best way to position the product to fill those needs.

Our Process

We begin the process by reviewing key elements of a product, including problems that a large audience could use if presented to them, and then we solve that problem. We then look to understand the marketplace and the trends in the industry as well as the competitive landscape to examine opportunities for success. We then visualize the user experience; we design and develop a ‘come to marketing’ strategy to see that vision become a reality. We ask ourselves, ‘does this product bring value? Can we create great stories to tell potential new customers?’ We evaluate brand sustainability and its ability to adapt to changes and add additional products. If the team believes there is an opportunity, we then put things in motion to develop all needed assets to come to market.


It all starts with an idea. But not all ideas are created equal. Our years of experience help us sift through the ideas and finding the ones that are worth investigating.


Taking an idea and seeing the path from concept to reality is truly an art form. Each step has to be evaluated and outlined in order to set things up correctly. Inherently there will be pitfalls and hiccups along the way but good vision decreases these issues and is a major factor our continued success.


We offer a multi-channel digital marketing strategy for all of products and platforms. Comprehensive strategy and testing are staples of all of our marketing strategy and consistently net heightened success rates.


Premier results are the expected output of our intelligently built systems. Customized to fit the needs of our partners, our results speak for themselves. Our goal is simple: High volume - High quality at the best ROI. Get started by clicking Partner Portal at the top of your screen.


Enticing content and sophisticated design keep customer engagement at industry leading standards. Constantly evolving our creatives to get the most out of our marketing sets us apart from most and continues our push for higher success.


Online marketing is constantly evolving. From the mobile push, to the facebook craze and the rise of native/content advertising we pride ourselves in staying on the cutting edge of these changes and maximizing the potential of each opportunity.


Our internally built and maintained shopping cart technology gives us elevated capabilities to not only deliver a seamless customer experience but also offer sales funnel optimization, bundled products, remarketing and more.


The end goal of any project or venture is success – we define success as a system set up to achieve scalable ROI for ourselves and our partners. We pride ourselves on doing business right and believe the mutual success is more important than personal. Gaining that success with others is just that much better!


We have spent tens of millions of dollars developing our proprietary, cutting edge technology and come to market strategies to drive high volume sales. Our team has developed and launched over 50 innovating products and growing each week in direct sales online and direct to consumers.

After spending many years using mostly 3rd party solutions for managing our direct consumer business, nothing seemed to work the way we wanted it to, so we built our own.

We focused on speed and ease of use functionality when designing our overall infrastructure including our in-house Content Management System and Shopping Cart Solutions. We have built elements in-house that allow us to not only rapidly launch a new page or brand once the content is developed, but optimize for highest performance metrics. We customize from the front-end. ad/article/content and each step the customer will experience, down to price testing and variance testing that rolls up into an analytics reporting tool. This gives us deep insight and has shown over a 30% increase in cart value per customer.


When looking at what it takes to bring a brand from concept to a successful company, there is an endless list of set up and ongoing systems/process that we focus on and manage. We have found that if any of the below key areas are not in line with all other areas or managed correctly, it can have a grave effect on the success and longevity of the brand and/or product.

  • 1 - Manufacturing and supply chain - Does it meet the requirements for large scale opportunity and support? We can assist in the start or direction for best costs and logistics options for highest quality and return on COGS.
  • 2 - Logistics/Technology Set up and Support - Creating all elements require to launch, sell and service a customer once we have started selling.
  • 3 - Psychographic Profiling - As we continue to look to set up with tech, we perform an in-depth psychographic profile and target market review to identify creative copy, assets, and audiences that would be the ideal customer to target and talk to.
  • 4 - Marketing and Creative - Once the target audience is defined and the stories created to sell, our in-house creative team begins creating, shooting, designing and producing all required assets from ads, social and brand image, all focused on a direct to consumer sales strategy.
  • 5 - Customer Acquisition/ Media buying/Affiliate Management - Effective strategy comes down to effectively understanding what the customers wants, desires and needs, and then deciphering the best way to position the product to fill those needs.
  • 6 - FULL STACK monetization strategies - The customers journey doesn’t stop after we have sold them a single product. We not only focus on acquisition but the life value and relationship of our customers. This ensures we build a long-term relationship with the customer so they keep coming back for more.


Thrive in a Mutually Benefitial Partnership With Branded Offers

Looking for an end-to-end solution that delivers maximum earnings and high quality converting online brands? We give you a selection of excellent offers that we own along with the campaign management and analytical tools you need to decide which campaigns you want to run.

BrandedOffers connects its publishers with our wholly owned offers across all verticals, and provides the technology needed to track, analyze and optimize the value and utilization of online media inventory. All BrandedOffers publishers are provided with a custom web-based account interface that empowers them to take complete control over every conceivable aspect of campaign management. You will of course have a dedicated account manager to assist you when you need it.

Once you're accepted as a publisher you'll be assigned a personal affiliate manager. It will be our goal to help you get everything you can when working with us. Your affiliate manager will help you identify the best opportunities, select appropriate sponsors, and get the most from working with BrandedOffers.

Executive Team

With our hand-selected experienced team, BrandedOffers has become a well-oiled and extremely successful machine with seasoned, experienced, industry leading vets.

Rick Bennink

President/CEO (Founder)

Rick founded Brand Ventures in 2010 and launched shortly after focusing on building out the infrastructure and team to create market leading technology, websites and brands in the online direct to consumer market. Starting his career in broadcast media in 1991, Mr. Bennink moved into publishing and was involved in his first start-up venture developing an independent yellow page company. As an early adopter to the internet, he moved into the online marketing space in the mid 90’s focusing on account management and client services. He has helped develop groundbreaking solutions for some of the countries largest agencies and brands prior to starting his own firm in 2000.

Over the past nine years leading the charge at Brand Ventures, the company has launched brands that include the markets largest online tactical and survival brand, hair care, skin care and most recently launched a Pet supplement brand focusing on Heart, Health and Joint solutions for dogs.

Brand Ventures has been honored to have been selected 3 years in a row for the INC5000 list that is only awarded to a small percentage of companies around the country.

A key element to the success has been to not only focus on business but family and giving back to the community. He launched a Response team in 2017 to assist in providing assistance to those in need after natural disasters happen. Giving back is now becoming a leading focus as is spending time with his young son.

Brian Murphy

COO / Partner

Brian Joined Brand Ventures as a partner in the early part of 2012 to give direction and focus to the development and vision for the company, new products and media partners. His responsibilities include but are not limited to business management, development, new product as well as client and partner management.

He brings over 15 years of experience that range from owning his own businesses in the mortgage industry to leading teams for well known technology and marketing firms prior to joining Brand Ventures.

Brian is a well-known golfer and a pretty good one at that- not sure what Thomas would say if you ask him.

Thomas Harley

CMO / Partner

Thomas brings over 10 years of online marketing, technology and publishing management experience to the company. He joined the team as a partner and CMO in early 2014 to hear up the internal media, technology and all strategy teams. His responsibilities include all aspects of internal media, marketing, technology and 3rd party service teams. His ability to look at problems and architect our backend systems we now believe give us the best ability to do what we do.

His entrepreneurial background has helped lead a fresh set of strategies and techniques that have led to increased success across all channels and drives the technology and vision of the team.

Thomas is a well-known golfer and a pretty good one at that- not sure what Brian would say if you ask him.

Daniel Crothers

Chief Technology Officer

Daniel joined Branded Offers in 2014 and as Chief Technology Officer; he is responsible for leading the company's technology strategy and managing overall IT operations. In addition to his accomplishments outside of the corporate world, Daniel managed IT security and systems for DOD networks while proudly serving in the U.S. Army. He is a firm believer that Military Veterans possess unique skills that work hand-in-hand with today's IT and Business challenges. He studied Business, Computer Science and Cyber Security at Grantham University.

Bree Binks

VP, Customer Service

Bree has been the backbone to our customer support and logistics teams for the past 5 years at Brand Ventures. She is responsible for maintaining effective customer service and back end systems for all internal and external customers. She utilizes excellent, in-depth knowledge of company processes, products and protocol all the while empowering team members within the customer service team.

Her skills and background include coordinating large scale logistics and service teams that have given her the passion and excellence for what she does for Brand Ventures.

She has a love for her many Boston Terriers and enjoys spending time with family. If she's missing, you can probably find her on a beach in Hawaii.

Joby Normandeau

Director of Customer Service

With over 15 years in the customer service and support industry, she joined Brand Ventures to assist and support all customer service aspects of the company including but not limited to phone, email and chat support internally and with our 3rd party support teams. With her years of problem solving and attention to detail gives our customers and our teams the level of service and support that we strive for when it comes to how our customers are treated.

Jill Klemz

Omni Channel and Retail Manager

Jill brings over 15 years experience managing, purchase and running retail and omni channel markets for leading brands like Nine West, DSW shoes, hyperdrive and Fields as a merchandising and purchase agents as well as owner her own retail stores.

She then moved on to the online marketing and sales arena focusing on omni channel shopping management for Amazon, Walmart and 3rd party platforms. She is our resident expert in our social, email and brand management focusing on all products and brands we own.

You can see her overnight and weekends cheering on her children’s basketball games.

Cameron Casey

Creative Director

Cameron brings over 30 years of expertise to the team as our Creative Director focusing on all aspects of brand development, creative assets, video, content and overall creative for all brands. Cameron’s focus is to lead all projects from concept to completion leading a creative team of experts while producing all packaging, ad campaigns, video content, article and blog content while using his lifetime of expertise in driving results and sales.

His passion and career brings expertise in DR TV, infomercial, direct response, video production and management where he spent most of his career owning his own agencies and producing some of the worlds largest brands and companies creative needs prior to joining the Brand Ventures team in 2017.

You can find Cameron usually on the weekends somewhere in the wilderness finding his inner outdoorsman and shooting amazing content for the company.

Quinn Hobbs

VP, Incubation

An expert in all things incubation from idea, concept, development and marketing Quinn brings nearly 10 years of online publishing and marketing to the team. Starting his career as a professional cyclist he found his thirst for online, tech and media to be his calling. After spending many years focused on distribution of online product offers, he has joined our team to find the next big idea and bring it to life for Brand Ventures.

In addition to marketing, he has an unquenchable thirst for knowledge and colorful clothing.

April Wagner-Mann

VP, Online Distribution

April is the center hub in our affiliate marketing department bringing over 10 years of experience to the team. She focuses on working with direct publishers and cost per sale networks to scale our sales channels for performance marketing.

She excels when it comes to creating opportunities and managing day to day functions focused on customer acquisition, media buying and partner relations for Brand Ventures. One of the markets most well respected distribution manager brings the company great scale and close partnerships that allow the success in performance marketing that we see.

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